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Attention all cryptozoology enthusiasts and Sasquatch seekers! We have some exciting news to share with you. Sasquatch Watch Radio is making a triumphant return to the video podcast airwaves, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

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Sasquatch Watch Radio

We are delighted to announce that Sasquatch Watch Radio has joined the YouTube Podcast scene, bringing you thrilling episodes filled with fascinating discussions about the elusive creature, Bigfoot/Sasquatch. With a brand-new season ahead, this beloved show promises to reinvent the field of cryptozoology entertainment.

Make sure to mark your calendars, as Sasquatch Watch Radio will be airing every Monday at 9:00 pm eastern time. We understand that the hunt for Bigfoot never rests, and that’s why we made sure to bring the show back at a time that suits everyone’s schedule.

Our incredible lineup of guests, including renowned researchers, witnesses, and experts in the field of cryptozoology, will ensure that you are at the forefront of all groundbreaking Sasquatch discoveries and new evidence. From eye-witness accounts to cutting-edge research, Sasquatch Watch Radio will leave no stone unturned in the quest to unveil the mysteries of the legendary Sasquatch.

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So, gather your fellow believers, arm yourself with curiosity, and tune in to Sasquatch Watch Radio as we embark on this new chapter of cryptozoological exploration. Unleash your inner adventurer and join the show every Monday at 9:00 pm eastern time, exclusively on the YouTube Live Podcast.

Guest: Eric Altman

Guest: Jeffrey Thomas

Guest: Diane Stocking

Guest: Sean Forker

Guest: Amy Bue

Guest: Dave McCullough

Guest: Doug Waller

Guest: Matt Arner